Say Yes to the Future!

We are YES (Young Engineers and Scientists)

– the new generation of researchers in the Bernal Institute!

Our mission is to boost future opportunities for post-Docs and PhD students, providing tools that allow the best experience in the Bernal Institute.

With Inspiration and Motivation, we all can build a promising future through Science.

BErnal Institute Rubex cube
The Bernal Institute is named after

John Desmond Bernal

a leading Internationally renowned Irish scientist

J.D. Bernal was one of the major figures to contribute to the science of crystallography and he was one of Ireland’s most influential 20th century scientists. His research included the first x-ray diffraction pattern of a protein and ground breaking work on the structure of viruses and proteins which lead to the foundation of molecular biology.

Professor Bernal had a reputation as a selfless supporter of and mentor to young scientists. Following his spirit, the YESBernal team support young researchers and we represent their interests in the Bernal Institute. In particular, during the difficulties of the past year, YESBernal focused on connecting people through virtual seminars and interaction throughout the Bernal Institute. The main focus of our work is to support and connect young researchers within the Bernal Community! We believe that a strong network leads to stronger research!


An Intro to some of the

Young Engineers and Scientists

at the Bernal Institute