Ursel Bangert


Research and Teaching Interests

Fundamental investigations of the local dependence of plasmonic structure and tailoring thereof
1D semiconductor assemblies, carbon nanotubes, Graphene and other novel 2-D materials, Aiming at practical use in photo-emission, Optical enhancers,Wave guides, Photovoltaics, Design of prototype devices, Sustained high quality publication output (~170+ papers; major investigator and writer in 80% of these) in academic/ professional journals, including Nature papers ,Review articles ,Perspectives ,Over 45 refereed conference papers (not including 100 or so un-refereed conference papers)

Industrial and Academic Collaboration 

  • Extensive industrial research leading to direct academic knowledge transfer with DeBeers, Element6, Gatan, FEI, Bruker, Graphene Industries, Bluestone Global Tech, EPI, Thomas Swan, BP Solar, GEC Plessey, Philips Research Labs, BNRE, IBM Zuerich, all through CASE studentships, support of research grants, and/or contracts for consultancy work dealing with daily requests by industries for provision of electron microscopy services and engagement in company specific research issues.
  • Involvement in electron microscopy studies that proved essential in laying scientific foundations for two new university based spin-off companies: Graphene Industries, set up by researchers in Physics, and Silicon Based Emission Technology (Sibet), set up by researchers from EE&E in conjunction with Surrey and McMasters (Canada) universities.
  • Intensive collaborations within academia, including UK Universities: Manchester, Leeds, Salford, Liverpool, Surrey, Exeter, Newcastle upon Tyne, UCL, Universitaet Augsburg, Universitaet Goettingen, Trinity College Dublin/CRANN, Centre for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials in Moscow, Forschungszentrum Juelich/Universitaet Aachen alliance (Germany), Daresbury SuperSTEM laboratories, EMPA (Switzerland), University of Minho (Braga, Portugal)
  • Participation in creating >£11 Mio of research funding (as PI or co-applicant)

Additional Links

• Research Gate

Bangert, R. Zan, ‘Electronic functionalisation of graphene via external doping and dosing’ International Materials Reviews (2014)
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Zan, Q. M. Ramasse, R. Jalil, T. Georgiou, U. Bangert, K. S. Novoselov, ‘Control of radiation damage in MoS2by graphene encapsulation’, ACS Nano 7, 10167 (2013)
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