Marzena Kwapinska


Marzena is a Postdoctoral Researcher working on valorisation pathways of dairy processing sludge. She holds an MSc. in Process Engineering and received a PhD in the field of Chemical and Process Engineering from Lodz University of Technology (Poland). Over the course of her research career, Marzena has focused on thermal processes research and commercial research for several international institutions. She worked at the Department of Thermal Process Engineering in Magdeburg (Germany) with Professor Evangelos Tsotsas where she conducted pioneering modelling work on the thermal processes in rotary drums. For the last 11 years, Marzena has been working in UL on the application of thermochemical processes for valorisation of various feedstock/residues. Her research interests include: 

  • Valorisation of various solid residues/feedstock through thermal conversion technologies such as torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion  
  • Recovery of energy in the form of high calorific value gas 
  • Release of gaseous contaminants during thermal conversion 
  • Transformation of nitrogen during thermal conversion 
  • Transformation of phosphorus during thermal conversion 
  • Utilisation of biochar/ash for nutrients recovery 
  • Valorisation pathways of dairy processing sludge 

She has authored 37 international publications in JCR journals with Scopus h-index = 15 and over 537 citations.