Maryam Karimijafari


Maryam Karimijafari is a postdoctoral fellow in SSPC at the University of Limerick. She has a B.Sc in material science from Iran University of Science and Technology in Iran. She then moved to Ireland in 2014 and followed her education by getting her M.Sc. in Physics focused on semiconductors (Thermistors). In 2017 she started her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Engineering, working on cocrystallization via Hot Melt Extrusion as a continuous manufacturing approach. This project was a prestigious SSPC SFI:NSF US Ireland research project in collaboration with Purdue University and Queen’s University Belfast. She completed her Ph.D in 2021. Since then, she is working on a project with an industrial partner, Serosep Ltd for improving and optimising their freeze drying process for their diagnostic bio product.