J.J. Leahy


J. J. Leahy is professor of process chemistry at the University of Limerick.  He has worked for 30 years on the valorisation of agri-waste as biofuels, fertilizers and intermediates for the production of chemicals.  He currently coordinates two EU H2020 projects, (1) BIOWILL which  aims to be a flagship for rural economies through a zero-waste biorefinery utilising all fractions of willow trees for the production of high value pharmaceutically active ingredients and bio-based packaging materials, renewable energy in the form of bio-methane and natural fertilisers with potential for carbon offset; (2) REFLOW which is a collaboration between academic and industrial organisations in seven countries focused on the recycling of phosphorous from the wastewater from dairy factories and using it in CE approved fertilizers. Future common agricultural policy (CAP) recognises that it is essential to build stronger agricultural knowledge and innovation systems so that farmers and rural communities can benefit directly. EU analysis has shown that key to the success of links between the CAP Reform and the Green Deal are concrete examples such as BIOWILL and REFLOW. Nationally, JJ has forged links with major and small stakeholders with the agri-food and biofuels industry and is a principal researcher with the industry led Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) based in Limerick as well as BIORBIC, the Bio-economy research centre where he leads several projects on biomass valorisation.